Tips for tenants

Top 10 tenant tips on the North Shore

Rental properties in Sydney’s North Shore give you the chance to experience the amazing North Shore lifestyle and community without committing to purchasing a property.

Here’s some top tips for renting from MMG Realty.

  1. Financial commitment: Understand the commitment you are making when you sign a residential tenancy agreement (lease).


  1. Occupancy: Only the people originally included on your approved application are permitted to live at the property permanently. If you want to replace a tenant, contact your MMG Realty agent for assistance. We can help you with application forms and approval for the new tenant.


  1. Insurance: We recommend contents insurance to protect your furnishings and personal items against loss, damage or theft. The landlord has no obligation to insure your personal belongings.


  1. Requests for maintenance or repairs: Put all requests in writing. Report any issues immediately to avoid the risk of injury to visitors or damage to the property.


  1. Urgent or emergency repairs: Your lease agreement (clause 17) lists which issues are deemed to be urgent repairs. Your lease should list emergency repair contacts. If you arrange repairs or maintenance for an issue not classed as an urgent repair, you may be liable for the costs.


  1. Gardens and lawns: If you are renting a house or townhouse the upkeep of the gardens and grounds are your responsibility. Before you sign a lease, make sure you are willing to keep up with this task.


  1. Property care: Take good care of the property to make sure your rental bond is returned. Some wear and tear is expected, but use your common sense and if you aren’t sure, ask your MMG Realty agent.


  1. General housekeeping issues: Don’t use pins, blue tac or sticky tape on the walls. The paint will be damaged and you may be responsible for repair.


  1. Mould alert: Mould is a common issue that causes a dispute when tenants leave a property. Try cleaning regularly with a mould removal product to prevent damage to walls, ceilings and tiled surfaces.


  1. Be house proud: Keep the house and outside area clean and free from papers, rubbish, bottles or cans.

Get in touch with MMG Realty for more information on North Shore rental properties.